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Income and wealth tax

In Switzerland, tax sovereignty lies with the federal government, the cantons and the municipalities. The federal government taxes the income of natural persons, while the cantons and municipalities also record and tax assets. Both types of tax are determined in each case with the ordinary tax declaration.


In the area of income and wealth taxes, we take over the tax planning and the preparation of the complete tax return for you.

P - 50+ Beratung

Inheritance and gift tax

Inheritance law is an extremely sensitive and personal area, as it is often associated with the death of close relatives, acquaintances or friends. Due to the complexity of inheritance law and the different views on how to manage or distribute the estate, this area is also prone to disputes.

This is where professional, personal and discreet advice is needed. We will be happy to assist you if you have any questions regarding inheritance, inheritance law, gifts and estates.

Tax on capital payouts


When capital is withdrawn from the pension fund, a tax, the so-called capital payment tax, is levied on it. This is calculated separately from income. To determine the progression level, in most cantons withdrawals from the pension fund are added together with withdrawals from pillar 3a.


In order to prepare you optimally for the financial planning of your retirement, we support and represent you as your personal tax advisor.

P - Frühzeitig Pensionierng


Prepare for your well-deserved retirement

If you are planning to retire early, it is essential that you prepare this step thoroughly and at an early stage.

With our support, you will get an overview of your current assets and debts. Together we will draw up a budget for the time after your retirement and plan not only your future assets but also your living expenses after retirement.
With our professional pension advice and budget planning, we will accompany you on your way to retirement and ensure that you continue to enjoy financial security in the future.

P - Nachfolgereglung


The right succession solution for your company

Succession planning is one of the most important and difficult tasks of an owner. In addition to defining the appropriate model, this also includes the search for an ideal successor.

Considerations regarding the optimal exchange of experience and the type of financing also play a decisive role in this process.


As a competent partner, we support you in these matters and ensure a clean handover and the successful and sustainable continuation of your life's work.

P - Auswandern

A safe transfer of residence abroad

Before you can move your residence to your dream country and enjoy your well-deserved retirement there, you have to take an important and time-consuming step by deregistering from Switzerland.

With our professional support, your emigration will go smoothly. We will guide you through all the issues and ensure that no mistakes occur during the planning and implementation of your relocation.

We advise you in all organizational and financial matters and accompany you competently on the way to your new life.



P - Steuererklärung


Tax optimization for private individuals

We support individuals in tax matters. When preparing your annual tax return, we use our expert knowledge to minimize your tax burden and save you time, energy and any problems with your tax administration.


As tax specialists, we also find our way around complex tax situations and develop optimal tax planning for individuals.

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